About MLA

Malaysian Legal Alert (or MLA) is a weekly electronic alert service on Malaysian legal and tax developments. MLA monitors and gathers information from over 50 sources, summarises and reports all major developments.

MLA aims to provide readers an overview of latest legal and legal developments. MLA subscribers will receive e-mail newsletters every week that alert them of the local legal and tax developments of the preceding week. More...

How to Subscribe

MLA provides incredible value for your money and time. It helps you to keep updated of all Malaysian legal and tax developments by spending less than 30 minutes a week, and that too at a sensational rate of less than 10 ringgit a week per user.

The subscription rate of MLA depends on the number of users and estimated usage. It starts from as low as RM500 per annum for legal firms with less than 5 lawyers, and gradually, in very small increments, goes up.

Simply follow 3 easy steps to subscribe. More...

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Note for Subscribers

MLA Issue: The latest MLA Issue (weekly update) will be sent to your designated e-mail(s) address every week, latest by Monday noon.

Access Code: You will require an Access Code to view MLA Issues and to access MLA archive database. The Access Code, which will be changed frequently for security reasons, will be sent to you by e-mail together with the latest MLA Issue.

Add to Friend List: Please classify “mla@mkms.biz” e-mail from “mkms.biz” and/or “mltic.my” domains as “safe sender”, or add it to your “friend list” or “white list” to make sure that the MLA Weekly Alerts do not end up in your spam/ junk box. Please make sure that all recipients from your organization do the same.

Frequency: MLA will be sent to you every week, round the year, except for pre-announced breaks. You can expect 46-48 issues a year. If you do not receive the relevant issue by 8pm on Mondays, please contact us at mla@mkms.biz.

Change in Contact Details: Keep us informed of any changes in your contact details, particularly in the e-mail addresses to which the MLA has to be sent.


Latest issue of MLA (10.46 of 5 Dec 2016) is now available online. The subscribers may login to read it.